Carduso Capital invests in PureIMS

Carduso Capital invests in PureIMS, a University of Groningen Spin-off developing the Twincer® dry powder inhalation technology

PureIMS (Pure Inhalation Medication Systems) did retrieve additional capital from the Carduso Capital investment fund for the development and commercialization of the unique Twincer® dry powder inhalation technology. The funding will support PureIMS to provide and bring to the market the next generation highly effective dry powder inhalers providing new therapeutic options to patients.

The first products that PureIMS is bringing to the market are the Colistin Twincer® and Levodopa Cyclops®. The Colistin Twincer® will be used for the treatment of respiratory tract infections due to Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and non-CF bronchiectasis. The Levodopa Cyclops® will be used for the treatment of Parkinson disease. Besides these two applications PureIMS has several other products in the R&D pipeline.

The Twincer® technology provides an optimal deposition of dry powder medication in its purest form to the airways. In this way the occurrence of undesirable side effects of adjuvants is prevented. PureIMS considers the lungs to be the ideal port of entry to the systemic circulation for many drugs. This route offers a number of advantages over the gastrointestinal tract route. The effective and rapid absorption gives a fast onset of action and gastrointestinal metabolism can be circumvented. Compared to other devices the Twincer® offers an improved therapeutic efficacy. As a result the Twincer® dry powder inhalation technology improves the quality of life of the patients.

PureIMS is a pharmaceutical company based in Roden, The Netherlands with in-house development and manufacturing capabilities. PureIMS was established as a result of a collaboration between the University of Groningen’s Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy of Professor Dr. H.W. Frijlink, Linesbridge Pharma Group and Interventional Medical Device Solutions (IMDS). Because of this unique partnership, PureIMS possesses a skilled, enthusiastic and passionate team of researchers, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmaceutical professionals, QA/RA officials and product and process developers. For more information about PureIMS:

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Roden, Groningen, September 16, 2016

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