Carduso Capital Groningen invests in BiOrion Technologies BV

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Carduso Capital Groningen invests in BiOrion Technologies BV, a spin-off company of the University of Groningen.

BiOrion Groningen is a biopharmaceutical company that develops products for the diagnosis and treatment of fibrosis, the process of formation of excess fibrous connective tissue in organs such as liver, kidney, heart or lungs by which they may turn-out completely. BiOrion has raised additional capital from the Carduso Capital investment Fund for the clinical validation of its proprietary drug-targeting technology.

In the drug targeting, drugs are released very specifically to cells that cause the disease and not to the surrounding healthy cells. As a result, such therapy will be more effective with fewer side effects. The BiOrion technology, based on the research of Prof. Dr. Klaas Poelstra of the University of Groningen, provides opportunities to develop, both drugs as well as diagnostic agents for fibrosis; based on the same technology platform. It is expected that this will result next year in a diagnostic tool to be clinical tested; which increases the likelihood of early detection and thus successful treatment of fibrosis, and that, moreover, accelerates the development of new drugs for the treatment of fibrosis.

Carduso Capital is an investment firm based in Groningen, The Netherlands that participates in innovative technology companies that have strong technology links with the University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Centre of Groningen (UMCG) and its affiliates. Carduso Capital believes it is important to invest in innovative companies that are early stage or at a certain moment search for capital to finance their growth. Carduso Capital supports initiatives within the main themes Life Sciences and Energy and aims for long-term cooperation’s. Besides participations with capital Carduso Capital also provides proactive management support and the use of its broad international network. For more information about Carduso Capital:

Groningen, November 11, 2016

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