Carduso Capital finances the Groningen ViroTact that is developing a rapid, point of care COVID-19 test for the immediate detection of Corona contamination.

ViroTact is at an advanced stage with the development of a COVID-19 test in which a determination is given within 30 seconds about whether or not the coronavirus is present in the tested person. This makes an important contribution to preventing the virus from spreading.

ViroTact uses its proven innovative and patented technology platform and expects to have the test available in 8 weeks.

Containing the virus is essential for the health of individuals and for controlling this global pandemic. According to specialists at John Hopkins and Harvard, tracing the virus through intensive corona infection testing is the only option to tackle the pandemic and get society back on track. To do that safely, the estimation is that more than 5 million tests a day are needed in the US alone.

Current virus detection tests are taking too long, are too expensive and labour intensive, or require specialized equipment and personnel. So there is a need for a quick point of care COVID-19 test.

ViroTact technology is based on the detection of unique proteases that are produced by viruses or bacteria. Infrared light is released in the presence of the viral protease, which is received by a specially designed portable detector and gives an immediate result.

“Thanks to the simple design and portable detector, it is possible to immediately determine whether a person is carrying the virus. Our test can be used point of care, at the general practitioner, at the emergency room or at a mobile test location and, for example, at airports and contributes to containment of the spread of the virus ”, says Joost Gazendam, CEO ViroTact.

Carduso Capital has given a substantial financial injection to accelerate development and time to the market.

Groningen, May 6, 2020