Investeringsfonds Groningen

The Northern Netherlands is known for possessing a great deal of scientific knowledge and commercial experience of applications in the Life Science sector. In the city of Groningen these applications are clustered around Groningen University (RUG) and University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG). Led by these two organizations and supported where necessary by (among others) the Province of Groningen, a lot of knowledge has been transformed in recent years into commercially profitable activities. A need has arisen for a strong fund that can be successfully marketed by professional and experienced initiators. The Province of Groningen is convinced that the combination of the parties involved, both entrepreneurs and investors, will lead to even more promising propositions and, ultimately, successful large-scale companies in the region. It has therefore decided to participate in Carduso Capital from the Groningen Investment Fund BV. (Investeringsfonds Groningen).