About us

Within the business climate around knowledge centres UG/UMCG there is an increase of start-ups and initiatives to investigate the possibilities there to. The most promising companies will at a certain moment search for venture capital to finance their growth. Carduso Capital wants to participate in this type of companies by putting in, besides capital, also their strategic knowledge.

Carduso Capital recognises the several development stages of this type of companies. To hook up with these differences in financial needs, Carduso Capital created an internal Seed-facility with adjusted investment dimensions.

Carduso Capital wants to increase the value creation and transformation of knowledge into profitable technology companies; not just by the participation with venture capital, but also by giving a proactive management support and the use of its broad international network.

UG and UMCG are co-initiators of Carduso Capital. Carduso Capital wants to invest mainly in technology companies that are evolved out of the main areas of interest of this university: Life Sciences, Energy and Sustainable Society.