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12 December 2017 Latest news
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, DECEMBER 12, 2017 – A group of leading European universities, research organization, and industrial SME entities met this week in Amsterdam to kick-off a Euro 2,1m res...
16 October 2017 Latest news
Press release BioBTX is a company based in Groningen-NL that produces chemicals (Aromatics) from Biomass. This technique allows the manufacturing of ‘green’ plastics. BTX stands for ben...
16 October 2017 Latest news
DEAM is a young company co-based in Groningen that develops precision medical devices, specialising in steerable, minimally invasive instruments. The DEAM instruments are steerable in all direction...
12 October 2017 Latest news
“Due to the social impact on patients and cost savings, the Gum Irrigator fits perfectly with Carduso’s regional and technical objectives,” said Frits Kok on behalf of the fund. Sophie ...


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