Carduso Capital Groningen invests in DEAM Holding BV.

DEAM is a young company co-based in Groningen that develops precision medical devices, specialising in steerable, minimally invasive instruments. The DEAM instruments are steerable in all directions, making it possible for surgeons to get an optimal operating position, also in areas that are not easy to reach or access. The DEAM steerable instruments offer great benefits in combination with the latest 3D-imaging technologies used during surgery.

DEAM has a strong R&D-collaboration with several departments and specialists of the University Medical Centre of Groningen (UMCG). These R&D programmes are focussing on minimal invasive interventions and therapies, such as: reduced incision laparoscopic surgery; Neurology, intervention Cardiology and heart tissue monitoring by a steerable biopsy tool.

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The Carduso investment makes it possible for DEAM to start-up their production phase for their first applications, focussing on a market introduction by the end of this year.

Groningen, May 12, 2017

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DEAM Holding:
Dhr. Wimold Peters​​
Tel: +31 (0) 6-53338054

Carduso Capital: 
Dhr. Frits Kok
Tel: +31 (0) 6-53751211