Carduso Capital invests in “AGILeBiotics”

A breakthrough in the development of antibiotics against resistant bacteria

Carduso Capital invests in the Groningen start-up AGILeBiotics that is applying its platform technology, developing new antibiotics in the fast-growing markets of hospital-treated multidrug-resistant infections. The founding of AGILeBiotics is based on the worldwide patented platform ‘OxaSelect’, which gives quick access to various novel antibiotics based on an existing drug class. The technology was developed within the RUG. With OxaSelect a broad variety of drug candidates can be generated, leading to new antibiotics for the treatment of hospitalized patients infected by multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria.

AGILeBiotics develops new antibiotics through a specific platform, called Oxaselect, and combining it with different synthetic steps to create the right molecule. Since March 2017, AGILeBiotics operates as an early-stage drug development company that focuses on the identification of novel antibiotic candidates based on aminoglycosides for clinical trials. The long-term goal of AGILeBiotics is to out-license novel drug candidates after clinical Phase IIA to the pharmaceutical industry. The proven technology OxaSelect allows rapid modification of existing aminoglycoside antibiotics avoiding the need for new target- and hit identification. In this way, novel antibiotics with improved safety profile and overcoming antibacterial resistance will be evolved by structure-based design in a much more cost- and timely efficient manner as performed in the pharmaceutical industry.

“By investing in AGILeBiotics a ground-breaking technology, invented at the RUG, is being applied for the development of novel antibiotics. Our investment, in this stage together with other RUG/UMCG bounded investment-initiatives, which will help this development against hospital-treated infections caused by bacteria that are resistant against current antibiotics.” says Koos Koops, one of the Carduso Fund managers. Founder and CEO Andreas A. Bastian, adds: “Due to the financial participation of Carduso Capital we have a long-term committed partner on board”. “AGILeBiotics is planning to develop a few candidates including clinical Phase studies in patients and that will take some years. All of this has provided us with the opportunity to further explore our promising technology.”

The province of Groningen is also a partner of Carduso Capital, through its Investeringsfonds Groningen (IFG). Representative Patrick Brouns says: “Because of the possibilities Carduso Capital has to offer new initiatives, potential ‘hidden gems’, will come to the surface and further energise the regional economic activity; one of our main goals with IFG.”

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Carduso Capital is an investment fund based in Groningen that participates in innovative technology companies with strong technological connections with the University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and knowledge institutions within its network. Carduso Capital considers it essential to invest in early stage, innovative companies; or companies that at some point need financing to continue growing. Carduso Capital supports initiatives within the areas of Life Sciences, Energy and Sustainability on the basis of long-term cooperation. In addition to financing, Carduso Capital offers management support and the possibility to use their worldwide international network. Investors in Carduso are: EIF, Investeringsfonds Groningen, NOM, De Friesland Participaties and RUG/UMCG.

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