Carduso Capital invests in BUKU: “Making study books available to everyone, worldwide” one step closer

BUKU: the Groningen Start-Up that has developed a streaming platform, for making study books digitally available in higher education.

The investment will be used to implement the growth plans in the so-called “emerging markets” and to accelerate in the Netherlands. With the investment, BUKU can not only attract additional programmers, but also can assemble and activate more local teams in the countries where it will be rolled out.

During his studies, founder Jeff van der Laan saw on one hand that many students did not buy the expensive study books or used older versions, and on the other hand that the “purchased” study books were often not or only partially used. This results in declining turnover for publishers and in teachers and students having to improvise because the study material is not in order. With BUKU, students can, based on an affordable subscription fee, use all the study books of the platform unlimited; Universities and colleges can therefore prescribe the most up-to-date and high-quality textbooks. Publishers thereby generate stable income. Furthermore, a significant saving on raw materials and logistical costs is achieved through the digitization of study books.

By rolling out in countries where textbooks are even more priceless than in the developed Western countries, there is a contribution to the improvement of the study climate there. Central and South American countries, as well as African countries, will be the first to benefit from this. In these countries too, an earning-model is created for publishers, where they currently have limited activities.

Besides Carduso Capital, Boost-Up Groningen is co-investing in Buku.


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