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18 January 2018 Latest news
Groningen, The Netherlands, December 14, 2017 An EFRO TENDER VALORISATIE 2017 grant of a EUR 1.0 million cardiac fibrosis imaging program is awarded to BiOrion Technologies BV. The grant will be us...
12 December 2017 Latest news
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, DECEMBER 12, 2017 – A group of leading European universities, research organization, and industrial SME entities met this week in Amsterdam to kick-off a Euro 2,1m res...
16 October 2017 Latest news
Press release BioBTX is a company based in Groningen-NL that produces chemicals (Aromatics) from Biomass. This technique allows the manufacturing of ‘green’ plastics. BTX stands for ben...
16 October 2017 Latest news
DEAM is a young company co-based in Groningen that develops precision medical devices, specialising in steerable, minimally invasive instruments. The DEAM instruments are steerable in all direction...


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