Carduso Capital invests in “Brainscan”

A potential breakthrough for diagnosing mental depressive disorder

BrainScan BV, based in Groningen (The Netherlands), is developing a ground-breaking technology for diagnosing mental depressive disorder (MDD). With the financing of Carduso Capital, BrainScan is now able to take her technology to the next level and bring it to the market. The company has a world-wide patent on its knowledge on measuring and interpreting biological markers in urine and blood that signal MDD. BrainScan has the ambition to measure the efficacy of treatment and medication given to patients with MDD, so that they are empowered in the process of choosing the right treatment. With the support of Carduso Capital, BrainScan will settle in the city of Groningen by the end of 2018 with four staff members. This will aid them in growing to twelve employees in the coming years and bringing their technology to the market.

“The impact of MDD on our society is becoming increasingly clear. GP’s are treating these types of patients more than ever, showing the importance of a prompt diagnosis. At this moment, patient intakes are conducted on the basis of clinical observation in combination with a standard questionnaire. The BrainScan objective laboratory test will increase the efficiency and quality of the patient intake, leading to a faster diagnosis and more personalised medication and therapy, benefitting a speedy recovery and reintegration into society. This potential for societal impact is why BrainScan is a great fit for Carduso Capital,” says Koos Koops, one of the Carduso Fund managers. Co-founder and CEO of BrainScan, Marc Meddens, adds: “Due to the financial participation of Carduso Capital and the active support of the University Medical Centre of Groningen’s departments of psychiatry and the General Medical Practice, we can do the final testing of our technology and take the leap to the free market. The Carduso financial support also made it possible to receive a RVO-Innovation Credit. All of this has provided us with the opportunity to accelerate our promising technology.”

The province of Groningen is also a partner of Carduso Capital, through its Investeringsfonds Groningen (IFG). Representative Patrick Brouns says: “because of the possibilities Carduso has to offer new initiatives, potential ‘hidden gems’, will come to the surface and further energise the regional economic activity; one of our main goals with IFG.”

BrainScan anticipates that its technology can lead to the identification of subtypes of depression. The diagnostic tool they are developing could lead to timely and substantiated choice of treatment and medication. For more information on BrainScan:

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Groningen, January 26th 2018.

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