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Carduso Capital invests in “Brainscan”

A potential breakthrough for diagnosing mental depressive disorder

BrainScan BV, based in Groningen (The Netherlands), is developing a ground-breaking technology for diagnosing mental depressive disorder (MDD). With the financing of Carduso Capital, BrainScan is now able to take her technology to the next level and bring it to the market. The company has a world-wide patent on its knowledge on measuring and interpreting biological markers in urine and blood that signal MDD. BrainScan has the ambition to measure the efficacy of treatment and medication given to patients with MDD, so that they are empowered in the process of choosing the right treatment. With the support of Carduso Capital, BrainScan will settle in the city of Groningen by the end of 2018 with four staff members. This will aid them in growing to twelve employees in the coming years and bringing their technology to the market.

“The impact of MDD on our society is becoming increasingly clear. GP’s are treating these types of patients more than ever, showing the importance of a prompt diagnosis. At this moment, patient intakes are conducted on the basis of clinical observation in combination with a standard questionnaire. The BrainScan objective laboratory test will increase the efficiency and quality of the patient intake, leading to a faster diagnosis and more personalised medication and therapy, benefitting a speedy recovery and reintegration into society. This potential for societal impact is why BrainScan is a great fit for Carduso Capital,” says Koos Koops, one of the Carduso Fund managers. Co-founder and CEO of BrainScan, Marc Meddens, adds: “Due to the financial participation of Carduso Capital and the active support of the University Medical Centre of Groningen’s departments of psychiatry and the General Medical Practice, we can do the final testing of our technology and take the leap to the free market. The Carduso financial support also made it possible to receive a RVO-Innovation Credit. All of this has provided us with the opportunity to accelerate our promising technology.”

The province of Groningen is also a partner of Carduso Capital, through its Investeringsfonds Groningen (IFG). Representative Patrick Brouns says: “because of the possibilities Carduso has to offer new initiatives, potential ‘hidden gems’, will come to the surface and further energise the regional economic activity; one of our main goals with IFG.”

BrainScan anticipates that its technology can lead to the identification of subtypes of depression. The diagnostic tool they are developing could lead to timely and substantiated choice of treatment and medication. For more information on BrainScan: www.brainscanbv.com

Carduso Capital is an investment fund based in Groningen that participates in innovative technology companies with strong technological connections with the University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and knowledge institutions within its network. Carduso Capital considers it essential to invest in early stage, innovative companies; or companies that at some point need financing to continue growing. Carduso Capital supports initiatives within the areas of Life Sciences, Energy and Sustainability on the basis of long-term cooperation. In addition to financing, Carduso Capital offers management support and the possibility to use their worldwide international network. Investors in Carduso are: EIF, Investeringsfonds Groningen, NOM, De Friesland Participaties and RUG/UMCG.

For more info on Carduso Capital: www.cardusocapital.com

Groningen, January 26th 2018.

For further information please contact:

Marc Meddens
Tel: +31 (0) 6-54264024
Mail: marcmeddens@brainscanbv.com

Carduso Capital:
Koos Koops
Tel: +31 (0) 6-22989098
Mail: koos.koops@cardusocapital.com

BiOrion Technologies receives an EFRO TENDER VALORISATIE 2017 grant for its € 1.0 million cardiac fibrosis imaging program.

Groningen, The Netherlands, December 14, 2017

An EFRO TENDER VALORISATIE 2017 grant of a EUR 1.0 million cardiac fibrosis imaging program is awarded to BiOrion Technologies BV. The grant will be used for the preparation and execution of a clinical phase 0 imaging study in cardiac fibrosis patients and the preclinical development of a targeted therapeutic, with BiOrion’s PDGF beta receptor binding bicyclic peptide conjugates. EFRO TENDER VALORISATIE 2017 is a program of the European Regional Development Fund from the European Commission, co-funded from the national budgets of Participating States, Partner Countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020.

Herman Steen, CEO of BiOrion, said “This European Union EFRO grant will further enable BiOrion to progress its clinical development of its novel myofibroblast targeting platform. It is an ongoing recognition and support for our PDGF-beta-receptor binding bicyclic peptide drug-conjugates technology.”

About BiOrion Technologies
BiOrion is a Dutch clinical stage biopharmaceutical drug discovery company founded in 2007, engaged in developing targeted therapeutics and companion imaging diagnostics for fibrotic
diseases. These diseases include cardiac fibrosis, hepatic fibrosis, and fibrosis-associated cancers such as colorectal cancer. BiOrion’s platform and drug development engine is based on proprietary PDGF-beta-receptor binding bicyclic peptides that act as targeting vehicles for diagnostic PET radionuclides and (existing) anti-fibrotic therapeutics.

Herman Steen, PhD
CEO BiOrion Technologies BV

Leading European universities, research organizations and industrial entities team up to revolutionize lung cancer treatment

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, DECEMBER 12, 2017 – A group of leading European universities, research organization, and industrial SME entities met this week in Amsterdam to kick-off a Euro 2,1m research project named Mariana to develop tracking, navigation, and catheter technology for accurate, more effective and less expensive management of early stage lung cancer. This three-year project is partially funded by the EU Commission’s Eurostars-2 programme, in which the project was ranked as #1 of a total of 363 eligible Eurostars applications.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the world, both for women and men. Delayed investigation and treatment is an important cause, as patients in early stages have few symptoms. Most patients who are nvestigated for suspected lung cancer are older, mostly smokers, with comorbid conditions. “The overall goal of the Mariana project is to reduce the number of investigations for each patient, increase the accuracy, reduce the x-ray burden and improve the workflow of lung cancer diagnostics”, says Dr. Håkon O Leira at St. Olavs hospital in Trondheim. The aim is to develop a system which significantly improves navigation with capabilities to reach deep seated locations combining state of the art tracking, image guiding techniques, and steerable tool design.

The Mariana consortium is comprised of Ceetron AS (Trondheim, Norway), SINTEF (Trondheim, Norway), University College Cork (Ireland), Smart Electronics Ltd (Shannon, Ireland), DEAM BV (Groningen, Netherlands), and Delft University of Technology (Netherlands). Clinical and preclinical investigations will be conducted at: St. Olavs hospital (Trondheim, Norway).

For further information about the project, please contact:

Dr. Tor Helge Hansen
CEO Ceetron AS
+47 920 27 699

Wimold Peters

Shane Adams
CEO Smart Electronics Ltd
+353 61 771120


Press release

BioBTX is a company based in Groningen-NL that produces chemicals (Aromatics) from Biomass. This technique allows the manufacturing of ‘green’ plastics. BTX stands for benzene, toluene and xylene. These chemicals are normally extracted from natural crude oil and form the building blocks for plastics. BioBTX developed a way in which the oil can be replaced by biomass.

The Carduso Capital finance will accelerate the scaling up of the technique that already proved itself on lab scale and in test lineups. Frits Kok, fund manager of Carduso says “BioBTX owns a worldwide license on this patented technology and wants to develop it for the usage of a wide range of Biomass. This can be a big step in decreasing independence on crude oil for the production of plastics. BioBTX fits perfect in the regional and technical objectives of Carduso”. Cor Kamminga CEO of BioBTX adds: “after the construction of a pilot plant in Groningen it is the intention to roll out the technology into the market. First step will be the construction of a plant in Emmen, together with our partners Cumapol and SunOil, to produce building blocks for example PET packaging for the cosmetic industry out of Glycerin”.

BioBTX previously received financial support of SNN and of the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe for its development plans. Also witnessed by the grant from the program ‘Groningen@work’ the province of Groningen is pleased with Carduso financing BioBTX: “In BioBTX we recognize a pioneering sustainable technology company. Development of companies in the ‘Green Economy’ is of strategic regional value and can have a stimulating effect on the development of job creation in the northern region” said Deputy of the Province of Groningen Patrick Brouns,

Founding partners of BioBTX in 2012 are the Groningen companies KNN group and Syncom. Both are still co-shareholders in BioBTX. From the beginning, the University of Groningen, through the Chemical Technology Department of professor H.J. Heeres, is involved as scientific partner. By this unique collaboration, BioBTX has not just about a breakthrough technology, but also a highly experienced, enthusiastic and driven team of researchers, product- and process-developers and sufficient entrepreneurship. For more info on BioBTX: www.biobtx.nl

Groningen, 24 februari 2017

Further information:

Dhr. Cor Kamminga
Tel: +31 (0) 6-4702 0103
Mail: k.j.kamminga@knngroep.nl

Carduso Capital
Dhr. Frits Kok
Tel: +31 (0) 6-5375 1211
Mail: frits.kok@cardusocapital.com

Carduso Capital Groningen invests in DEAM Holding BV.

DEAM is a young company co-based in Groningen that develops precision medical devices, specialising in steerable, minimally invasive instruments. The DEAM instruments are steerable in all directions, making it possible for surgeons to get an optimal operating position, also in areas that are not easy to reach or access. The DEAM steerable instruments offer great benefits in combination with the latest 3D-imaging technologies used during surgery.

DEAM has a strong R&D-collaboration with several departments and specialists of the University Medical Centre of Groningen (UMCG). These R&D programmes are focussing on minimal invasive interventions and therapies, such as: reduced incision laparoscopic surgery; Neurology, intervention Cardiology and heart tissue monitoring by a steerable biopsy tool.

For more information on DEAM Holding: www.deamcorporation.com

The Carduso investment makes it possible for DEAM to start-up their production phase for their first applications, focussing on a market introduction by the end of this year.

Groningen, May 12, 2017

For further information:

DEAM Holding:
Dhr. Wimold Peters​​
Tel: +31 (0) 6-53338054
Email: wpsp@deamcorporation.com

Carduso Capital: 
Dhr. Frits Kok
Tel: +31 (0) 6-53751211
Mail: frits.kok@cardusocapital.com

Carduso Capital invests in “Gum Irrigator”

“Due to the social impact on patients and cost savings, the Gum Irrigator fits perfectly with Carduso’s regional and technical objectives,” said Frits Kok on behalf of the fund. Sophie van Dijk, Co-Founder and CEO of the Gum Irrigator, adds: “After an extensive testing phase we are excited to be able to roll out our technology in the market with Carduso’s participation. Our first target markets are the Netherlands and its surrounding countries, however, Europe and North-America will be our eventual focus.”

Co-founder and CSO, dr.Johan van Dijk, periodontist and implantologist emphasizes the importance of the Gum Irrigator and the impact of healthy gums on the body. “Gum diseases could not only cause loss of teeth but could also lead to other serious diseases; heart diseases, long infections, premature births and could lead to the worsening of existing diabetes. Furthermore, the infection enzymes (CRP) caused by periodontitis, could strengthen other infections in our bodies and weaken the overall immune system of the body.

The Gum Irrigator has an unique method of subgingival cleaning of the biofilm with its interplay between vacuum and fluid applied to the pockets around the natural teeth or implants. This is a non-invasive, pain free method which enhances the recovery of inflamed gums.

The Carduso Capital finance will accelerate the company’s market entrance. The technique is finalized and well-functioning prototypes have been extensively used in a clinical study over a number of years. The Gum Irrigator is now ready to enter the production phase and by mid 2018, the first devices will be available to the professional dental market. Although the Gum Irrigator is firstly aimed at the professional dental market, there is a large opportunity for the consumer market. Due to its easiness of use and the fact that it is non-invasive and pain-free, the apparatus is perfect for home usage.

Groningen based Dr. Johan van Dijk invented the Gum Irrigator. He taught for many years at the Dental School of the University in Groningen, set up the first independent periodontal clinic in the Netherlands and is the author of many scientific national and international articles and of 2 books in the field of periodontology. Due to his unique knowledge of both theory and practice, the company does not only have a groundbreaking technology but also an advanced method of application. He acts as a medical-technical adviser. Co-founder, CEO Sophie van Dijk will continue to lead the commercialization of the Gum Irrigator with her successful and extensive international experience and knowledge in regards to new business development. For more info on Gum Irrigator: www.gum.care

Carduso Capital is an investment fund based in Groningen that participates in innovative technology companies with strong technological connections with the University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and knowledge institutions within its network. Carduso Capital finds it important to invest in innovative companies that are in the early stage or at some point find funding to continue growing. Carduso Capital supports initiatives within the themes Life Sciences energy and sustainability on the basis of long term cooperation. In addition to financing offers also Carduso Capital management support and the possibility to use a wide international network. Investors in Carduso are: EIF, Investeringsfonds Groningen, NOM, De Friesland Participaties and RUG/UMCG.

Placement of the Gum Irrigator on the gums; pain-free and non-invasive

For more info on Carduso Capital: www.cardusocapital.com

Further information:

Gum Irrigator: 
Mevr. Sophie van Dijk
Tel: +31 (0) 6-22896796
Mail: sophie.vandijk@gum.care

Carduso Capital: 
Dhr. Frits Kok
Tel: +31 (0) 6-53751211
Mail: frits.kok@cardusocapital.com

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Pieter Imhof appointed Chief Executive Officer BioBTX B.V.

On behalf of the shareholders, Cor Kamminga explains: “With the appointment of Pieter Imhof, we strengthen both the technical and commercial nature of BioBTX B.V., which will give us greater appeal to industrial partners to realize our growth strategy. Pieter brings a lot of experience in both the chemical and the energy sector and has a lot of experience in shaping strategic partnerships. ” Pieter Imhof (Netherlands, 1962) has held various management positions over a 16 years period at AkzoNobel Catalysts (later Albemarle Catalysts) in R&D, product & market development as well as Technical Service. In these roles he has successfully developed and commercialized several catalysts, catalysts components and additives worldwide.

After Albemarle Mr. Imhof has been responsible for business development and strategic account management in the Catalysis contract research and systems business unit of Avantium Chemicals BV, in the period in which Avantium grew from startup to a leading chemical technology company. Mr. Imhof holds a Ph.D. degree in chemistry after studies in chemistry, business economics and strategy.

About BioBTX B.V.

BioBTX B.V. is a Dutch company that converts biobased materials into chemical intermediates (aromatics and bio-oil) on the basis of its own proprietary catalytic pyrolysis technology. BTX represents Benzene, Toluene and Xylene. These chemicals typically originate from crude oil and can amongst others be used as building blocks for plastics. By application of the BioBTX technology a substantial contribution will be made to the sustainable production of plastics and many other chemical products. The University of Groningen is the scientific partner of BioBTX B.V.

For further information:

Mr. Pieter Imhof
Tel: +31 (0) 6-5152 1179
Mail: pieter.imhof@biobtx.nl

On behalf of the shareholders:
Dhr. Cor Kamminga
Tel: +31 (0) 6-4702 0103
Mail: k.j.kamminga@biobtx.nl

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