Carduso Capital invests in PIMS-E, a University of Groningen Spin-off developing an alternative for the Epipen™ via inhalation of Epinephrine by persons in a life-threatening reaction after exposure to an allergen that is dangerous to them. Think of insect stings such as from bees and wasps, food and drug allergies. The advantages of operation is the very short exposure time of dry-powder inhalation, one no longer has to give oneself an injection and the medicine has a long shelf life (and does not have to be kept in the refrigerator either).

PIMS-E did retrieve additional capital from the Carduso Capital investment fund for the development and commercialization of this Cyclops® dry powder inhalation. Dry powder inhalation is a method in which medicines are administered extremely efficiently through the lungs. The financing supports PIMS-E with the development, clinical testing and marketing of this new application.

The Cyclops® technology ensures optimum respiratory delivery of the medication in the purest form. This prevents unwanted side effects from excipients. PIMS-E sees the lungs as the ideal access to the systemic circulation for epinephrine. This route offers a number of advantages compared to the current most used application via the Epipen ™. The short exposure time and the non-invasive administration in combination with a longer shelf life at room temperature gives a greater ease of use and prevents the risk of puncture accidents.

PIMS-E is a pharmaceutical company based in Roden, The Netherlands, with in-house development and manufacturing capabilities and is established in collaboration with the University of Groningen’s Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy of Professor Dr. H.W. Frijlink. Because of this unique partnership, PIMS-E possesses a skilled, enthusiastic and passionate team of researchers, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmaceutical professionals, QA/RA officials and product and process developers. For more information about PIMS-E, the director Reinier Schwietert can be contacted.

Carduso Capital is an investment firm based in Groningen, The Netherlands that participates in innovative technology companies that have strong technology links with the University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Centre of Groningen (UMCG) and its affiliates. Carduso Capital believes it is important to invest in innovative companies that are early stage or at a certain moment search for capital to finance their growth. Carduso Capital supports initiatives within the main themes Life Sciences and Energy and aims for long-term cooperation’s. Besides participations with capital Carduso Capital also provides proactive management support and the use of its broad international network.

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Roden, Groningen, April 26 2019

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